About Us

About Us

Symbiosis was founded by Jono Frew & Peter Barrett.

At Symbiosis it is our belief that soil health is a priority –we encourage our clients to use the diversity of cover crops/ companion planting, zero till(no cultivation) instead of synthetic fertiliser, fungicides, pesticides and set stocking. 

Our aim is to use soil microbiology to cycle nutrients & increase soil carbon, improve soil health & stock health. 

We started doing this in 2014 and today it is called Regenerative Agriculture.

We believe that Healthy Soil = Healthy Animals = Healthy People

We believe in farming in the shadow of nature.

Our values are:

Do the right thing ( integrity with accountability)

Treat people right ( golden rule of action)

Family Matters (people before profit)

Innovation through education (share your knowledge)

Jono Frew 

Jono grew was born in Dunedin and grew up in Duntroon, North Otago in a family of agricultural spraying and sheep dipping contractors where the smell of chemicals was a normal part of life.

Jono has worked in Dairy, Arable and Sheep and Beef, becoming an award-winning farm manager when managing 200ha Organic mixed cropping sheep and beef farm :-Harts Creek farm(HCF).

At HCF Jono started to question a lot of the current best practice and the way he had farmed his whole life.

In 2018 Jono co-founded “Quorum Sense” , a forum created to bring innovative farmers and academics together to share knowledge and support farmers from the ground up.

After 3 years at HCF, Jono decided that he needed to offer the people access to relatable and practical knowledge and support in the Regenerative Agriculture space. And with his profound experience and fresh perspective, Jono created Natural Performance Ltd and got to work supporting farmers all over the world. Helping them reach new levels of profitability, resilience, joy and peace of mind.

Jono has created a life committed to empowering people and supporting People interested in producing nutrient dense food, educating youth at schools and university’s, and providing energy, connection and leadership to shift the paradigm of food production to one aligned with nature. One that increases the health and resilience of our soil, plants, microbes, Insects, Animals, People and the ecosystem in all its complexity.

Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett was born in Wellington and travelled overseas in 1997 working in the UK & USA in the finance industry. He returned to New Zealand in 2003 and started Escape Rentals – New Zealand’s first affordable campervan company. He sold this in 2007 and two years later he founded Escape Campervans USA, growing it to be North America’s largest campervan company before relinquishing his involvement in 2016. In 2007 Peter got involved in the high-level management of Linnburn Station – a 9300ha beef and sheep station in Central Otago.  He moved to live there in 2012 where he continues the regenerative agriculture journey emulating the natural animal-plant relationship. Peter Barrett is one of a growing number of New Zealand farmers experimenting with alternative farming that regenerates rather than depletes the soil and farm environment.

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