Balansa Clover

Balansa Clover


Due to the very small seed size, comparable to a white clover, balansa requires less kilograms of seed per hectare than many other clovers.

When balansa is in the early rosette stage of its life cycle, above ground growth may be limited but it will be utilizing its energy to anchor the taproot which has been observed to reach 35cm deep in just 45 days.

Balansa is very tolerant of grazing in the rosette stage, in fact this actually encourages balansa to tiller more readily. If your suffering from soybean cyst nematodes an added bonus is that balansa isn’t a host plant, while crimson clover is a moderate host.

Flowering will occur about two weeks later than crimson clover in the spring and can last for about 4-5 weeks. The flowers can range from white to pink and are very attractive to pollinator insects. As balansa matures it produces very large hollow stems, making a roller/crimper a viable termination method.


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