Tillage Radish

Tillage Radish

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Rapid Autumn growth in short windows, allows radishes to fit perfectly into a traditional corn and soybean rotation.

Radish residue breaks down very quickly in the spring, leaving a clean seed bed until early November. The residue has been proven to inhibit small seeded annuals from germinating. Nutrients that were scavenged are readily released back into the soil for the subsequent crop.

A field planted in radishes, will allow the soil to dry and warm faster in the spring. The large root channel left behind is rich in nutrients, allows tremendous water infiltration, reduces water erosion, and a path for crops roots to follow through compacted soil layers. During decomposition, radish biofumigates the soil which can reduce pest and nematode populations.

KEYWORDS: nutrient scavenger bio-drilling, biofumigant, erosion control, forage, infiltration, nematode control, weed suppressor, yield booster

Tillage Radish