Natures Teaching

Principles of Soil Health developed by Nature
Soil Health

Principles of Soil Health developed by Nature

  • Limited disturbance of soil
  • Armour – always keep soil covered 
  • Diversity of plant and animal species
  • Living roots – maintain as long as possible
  • Integrated animals – nature does not function without animals
Carbon Cycle

It’s our opinion that when we till soil, don’t use diverse pastures, use synthetic fertilisers, pesticides & herbicides we decrease microbiological activity (fungi & bacteria etc) in the soil and as result we decrease soil carbon.

Soil is the correct place to store carbon. Symbiosis is all about carbon sequestration.

Carbon in soil is natures cleansing agent. Low soil carbon means poor soil structure, less water and nutrient holding capacity. Heavy rain on low carbon soils equals water, soil & nutrients exiting land and polluting water ways.

So if you increase your soil carbon you increase your water holding capacity and nutrient holding capacity. Sounds worth doing!

Nitrogen Cycle
  • 78% of our atmosphere is nitrogen.
  • That’s 74,000 tonnes of nitrogen above every hectare
  • Soil microbiology (fungi, bacteria, worms, nematodes) etc are key to the nitrogen cycle.
  • Its our opinion that the use of synthetic fertilisers & different forms of liquid nitrogen don’t help the soil microbiology – the diagram to the left shows their importance.
  • Use legumes and nitrogen storing plants instead of liquid N.
Nitrogen circle
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