Weed data

Weed data

Key for weed data

AA – Species that the dominate species and quantities of bacteria in this soil are the anaerobic types meaning they operate in an environment lacking adequate oxygen. Some aerobic bacteria may be present but not in sufficient numbers to overcome the anaerobic types. Beneficial microbes have difficulty functioning here.

Blank – This category or characteristic at an optimum level or it does not apply to this weed.

G – Good as in good drainage, meaning the soil will allow water to move away or downward easily. For the characteristic listed, this soil functions well. There is no interference with healthy crop growth.

H – High as about excess quantities either in absolute numbers or relative to some other mineral or characteristic.

L – Low refers to a deficiency either in absolute numbers to relative to some other mineral or characteristic. Another mineral may be in excess thereby suppressing the given mineral making it appear deficient.

P – Poor as in poor drainage meaning water does not move away easily or at all or the residue does not decay. This characteristic is undesirable therefore the soils does not function well.

VH – An extreme of the high condition.

VL – An extreme of the low condition.

Y – Yes this is a factor. This condition will probably be found where this weed thrives.