Symbiosis embraces Regenerative Agriculture

At Symbiosis – everything we do is based on natures teachings.

Our aim is to help you increase microbial diversity in your soil to cycle nutrients & increase soil carbon, improve soil health & stock health. We provide requirement specific seed mixes that you can plant in your soil to help you correct your soil health. Our goal is to make you more profitable and resilient by increasing your soils nutrient holding capacity and water holding capacity and laying the platform for life on your property to flourish.

At Symbiosis it is our belief that soil health is a priority

we encourage our clients to use the diversity of cover crops/ companion planting, zero till(no cultivation) instead of synthetic fertiliser, fungicides, pesticides and set stocking. 

We started doing this in 2014 and today it is called Regenerative Agriculture.

We believe that Healthy Soil = Healthy Animals = Healthy People

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