We are Nature

For centuries we have developed beliefs, strategies and technology to control, manipulate and cash in on Mother Nature’s seemingly endless resources.

All the while she adapts.
Whether we realise it or not, she is always one step ahead.
We destroy, she creates.
We simplify, she diversifies.
Her complexity and power defies our logic.
She always has a plan.

When I declared to myself that I am Nature, an overwhelming sense of clarity purpose connection and belonging swept over me.
I became part of something truly magical and mighty.
Something far bigger than this bag of bustling biology and significance.
Immediately I am called into action, to take a bold stand for the world and all its beauty within.
Imagine if we surrendered the fear of failing.
Imagine if we gave up the desire to win, because really there is no such thing.
Imagine it!
Everybody contributing selflessly to the greater good.
No more looking good
No more significance.
No more division.
My heart swells, my eyes burn.
A world bursting with abundance, acceptance, resilience, purpose, diversity, prosperity, vulnerability, health, wonder, joy and love.
What would that be like?

Daily I wake with this dream so vivid I need not remind myself of what there is to do.
I smile- like a child in spring.
A world where we allow Nature to take care of us.
She wants us all to thrive.
She can see the love suppressed inside us.
It’s time we let all that love shine!
As bright as the rising sun in summer.
As real as the wind upon your face.
As vivid as black on white.
Its time, don’t you think?